Saturday, August 11, 2007

A good head on his shoulders

I had been juggling what I should do next, as I saw it I had two options. I could either learn fiberglassing and make a fiberglass version of the body or I could get k9's head taken care of. Realizing that I have absolutely no idea how to fiberglass, I've opted to do his head.

Construction has been pretty straight forward - 2 side pieces cut using the patter in the blueprints referenced in the first or second post of the blog. Tried to use the same MDF I've been using, but that wouldn't bend. Then I tried cutting grooves in the MDF, and well, I screwed that up. Fortunately, I had a 1/8 inch piece of board in my garage from a poster. So I cut that up for the sides of his head. Its working pretty well.

Once I got the two sides connected I started connecting them with 1/2 x 1/2 basswood cut to the proper size. With wood glue, clamps and my brad nailer in place I started putting the head together.

Once I got a few points between the side connected, I noticed the head was a bit wobbly. So I added some structure by using 1/2 thick MDF for the front part of the "mouth" and the nose area. Finally I've used some thin sheets of hobby plywood to cover the top of his snout. This is the same thin plywood I used on the curved back of the body and I will also use it to skin the curved parts of the head.

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