Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Side panel success, sort of

Quick update from the weekend. I finished the recess in the front panel - that was super easy. I also finished a "first draft" of the bottom side panel. I'm not thoroughly thrilled with it, however, as I'm sure the side triangle bit should not go so far inwards. This coming weekend I'm going to go ahead and start the other side panel and see if I get that one more to my liking. Worst case, I end up rebuilding the first panel. No biggie. A few pictures for you to enjoy below - including a shot of the template for the triangle bit. And yes, that is an Empire Strikes Back duvet cover.

Friday, July 20, 2007

First Cuts

While the first post makes it seem that I've just had this wonderful idea to build a full sized prop replica K-9, the truth is that I've been thinking this through for awhile now. I took a vacation day from work earlier this week and took the plunge. Starting with 2 2ft x 4ft MDF sheets, I started making the body panels for K-9. I used plans that I downloaded from Project: K-9. These same plans are available at the Doctor Who Prop Builders Club.

My goal for the weekend is to get the recess in the front panel and possibly figure out how to do the side recessed bits.

So what's this about?

A BLOG! Something there clearly aren't enough of in the world. There are two types of blogs, at least, in my opinion. Ones that are about something and those that are about nothing. This blog is going to be 90ish% the former, with the rest random musings.

What's this one going to be about? This blog is going to chronicle my buidling of a full scale prop-reclica of K-9, the tin dog robot from Doctor Who. If you have no idea who / what K-9 is, he's the little guy who's in the logo of this blog. He's also fully owned, trademarked and all that stuff by the BBC.

This isn't my first go at a prop replica of K-9. About 20 years ago my Dad and I made a 1/2 scale one out of balsa wood, an RC car, 2 spoons and some pieces from an erector set. I still have that K-9, and you can see him right over there to the left. Granted, he's not very accurate and he needs a little touch up, but he's still my first and favorite K-9. I'll probably squeeze a post or two in about him as I give him some much needed attention.

I've rambled sufficiently for a first post - now how about we go and get some building done?